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We're firm believers that a man can never have too many head torches or outdoor gear. But where to buy them from, and do you choose branded or unbranded, recommended or not?

With so many stores online and off, this should be easy. However, in the dash for cash and customers we can often forget the most basic of things. 

If we look at this from a brands perspective... do you really know your customer journey? How customers find you, buy from you... and what they really think about your service? Do you add value to this process at every stage?

No? Then you're not only leaking cash and customers, but also reputation. If your service is online only, then it gets a bit harder to know the journey and build relationships. 

This is where Alpkit, an online retailer of outdoor clothing and equipment come in. But, in a crowded market what makes them stand out?

- they know their market and it shows
- a great range of products with reviews that you trust
- a fast purchase experience
- regular delivery updates
- marketing materials that take you into the brand
- a handwritten note to say thanks for the order
- even the packaging made us smile!

All of the above points are simple to implement, though they take time and a budget to plan. Whether you are B2B or B2C, mapping your customer and prospect journey is essential. It can also be one of the faster ROI's you're ever going to get!



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