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Outdoor clothing brand, Patagonia are known for their innovative and a little unorthodox approach to marketing and advertising. But often overlooked is that environmental sustainability is always at the forefront of what they do. Just one of the many reasons we admire the way they operate.

Interestingly enough, despite what could be considered an anti-marketing campaign; asking customers to think twice before buying their products, promoting second hand clothing and repairing what you already own, this approach has seen the company’s revenue continue to grow year on year.

How have they achieved this growth?

Highlighting the environmental impact of producing clothes resonates with consumers and makes them think twice before buying unnecessarily. Patagonia then enforces this notion with notable actions in support of the environment, rather than just talking the talk they walk the walk.

Whether it’s pledging a percentage of sales or pre tax profits to environmental groups, funding activists or reducing greenhouse emissions – it’s not seasonal and is part of their everyday work.

Perhaps the most iconic example of this commitment is their “Don’t Buy This Jacket” campaign which featured in The New York Times in 2011 for one of their best selling jackets. Eyebrows were certainly raised but this set the tone for how they would continue to engage with consumers, in an honest and transparent way.

“But, as is true of all the things we can make and you can buy, this jacket comes with an environmental cost higher than its price.”

Image Credit: The Drum

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