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We first came across the team at Quality Bearings Online (QBOL) during a series of pilot workshops that we were delivering for the Department for International Trade.

We had a written a programme, especially aimed at SMEs that wanted to export, but didn’t have all the steps in place to achieve it.

At the end of the programme, QBOL wanted to continue their growth journey, but needed some help to achieve it.

Whilst we don’t work with micro-businesses generally, they can be fun customers to work with.

Spot an opportunity or a problem on Monday, work with their team and fix it on a Tuesday. Exciting stuff.

So with an eye on today, and the future, we got to work.

Improving the website customer journey, and customising it to their main US market was an obvious first choice that drove improved sales quickly.

Cue improved website banners, enhanced website pages and design elements across the entire customer order journey.

Throw in email newsletters, direct mail and improved packaging, and you’re starting to make headway. We quickly became blasé about a turnover of £1million.

Now the challenge really sets in. What does the brand stand for, what are our values, how do we grow and scale, what staff do we need next, which countries should we be targeting?

The list was a long one.

Over the following years, there wasn’t an area of the business that we didn’t get involved with, right down to filling in award applications and creating presentations, even interviewing new staff.

Fast forward to 2023 and what have you got? A super high growth, profitable multi-award winning brand, led by a bright team of professionals, with clients in over 110 countries worldwide.
Quality Bearings Online
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