Right from the moment we met the team at Guerba… we were excited.

A well established, somewhat niche brand, providing customers with amazing travel experiences across the world, backed by a passion for exploring, delivered by people that had actually travelled themselves.

Getting to know the team there was a real treat. Hearing their adventure stories, getting an understanding of their target clients, and why Guerba made ‘the difference’ to customers in what was (and still is) a very crowded adventure travel space.

The brief? Produce a new brochure for them that captured the essence of adventure, a strong degree of trust, without the feeling of being too polished, as the trips delivered a 5 star experience… not 5 star luxury.

What’s more, because they had clients worldwide, we needed to create a series of priced/unpriced brochures, which agents could use around the world, and use as a real selling tool.

1 brochure, 9 variations, ready for international shipping. Getting the right schedule together for designs, two stages of proofing, printing and despatch was going to be critical.

After our research, the first step was to create a series of test visuals that pulled out the key highlights about Guerba, and then each trip… on every single page.

Guerba customers would read the detail, so it was important that our design made each bit accessible, and really helped their difference shine. It was also important that we sourced the right hero shots, and that these matched the Guerba brand.

Because brochures are tactile… we also experimented with different textures and shades of paper, whilst making sure that it was environmentally friendly.

Finally, we had a winning design, which we then translated through every page as we started to build the brochure. Our team kept track of proofing and version control.

All too quickly, we were ready for printing, and Biskit oversaw each and every brochure version, signing them off at 2am in the morning.

The result, a stunning new brochure, described the Guerba team as “the best brochure we’ve ever had.”

With this kind of feedback we just had to celebrate with dinner near their Westbury office. What an evening, with tales of worldwide adventure gathered over many decades, from a team that you knew had experienced them first hand.

Just a shame the business was bought out next year!

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