K. Lacey Wire & Cables


Running any business is hard enough, but running one for 50 years is something extra special.

K Lacey is a leading distributor of verifiable and approved specialist cable and wire products across the UK, Europe and internationally.

Whether it’s helping a plane fly, machinery to operate, advanced lighting and signals, electronics or for redistribution, their products are everywhere.

Plus their new assembly facility has expanded the range of clients still further.

Not only has Biskit been working with K Lacey on consultancy support, helping them to develop their long term strategy and business pillars, but our team has also been helping to modernise their brand, exhibition materials, emails newsletters and website.

Using new style templates and imagery, Biskit created a refreshed identity for the website, before building a new, easily updateable platform which could grow with the business, as new products and services were added.

Moving forward, Biskit will be working with K Lacey to ensure that the K Lacey products rank in all of their main markets, whilst using our export knowledge to ensure that customers experience a positive user journey.

Whether you’re in B2B or B2C, the customer user journey is still so important. Having a map of where your customers (and stakeholders) find and engage with you can deliver huge benefits.

Once you’ve mapped the journey, you can then add in improvements. Flyers to boost average order values, email newsletters to remind and reassure, direct mail to reactivate lapsed customers. The list goes on. With clear KPIs, we can then measure success at every stage.

So, Biskit has also been working with K Lacey on a wide range of other customer touch points. Bring on welcome packs for both customers and suppliers (after all they supply the products), email newsletters to activate and engage, box flyers to cross-sell, and periodic direct mailers to say everything from ‘welcome’ through to ‘thanks for your order.’

K. Lacey Wire & Cables
Design of Multilingual Website, Exhibition Graphics, Promotional Literature, Social Media Campagins

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