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Just what skills do you need to make a brand stand out, so you can unearth new clients, drive sales and ultimately repeat business?

Creative that resonates. A strong message. Consistency. A multi-channel approach. A clear sense of your target audience. The ability to deliver your promise.

At Biskit, our answer is all of them.

So, whilst our brand experts were asking the big questions, our creative team were getting ready to turn the answers into powerful integrated marketing plans and solid creative that would deliver results.

With a large percentage of 50+ male customers, it was important to use a mix of online and offline channels. Online for the younger audiences, and traditional print for some of the older customers.

Bring on an updated printed catalogue, with improved layout and branding. With a heavy reuse rate, cost per acquisition falls with every purchase. What’s more if you send your catalogues out with purchases, there’s no extra mailing cost.

Now, bring on email newsletters, split into Active, Inactive and Lapsed customers, and create unique customer journeys for each group.

Develop this further, and bring on targeted calls with the sales team, supported by special offers, and direct mail… and you’ve got a journey that keeps current customers engaged, whilst reactivating lapsed customers.

So what happens when you need to visit clients, or hold mini events? Bring on the new banner stands, promotional merchandise, packaging and display materials.

Support this with social media, that now includes a broader range of core messages to improve brand perception, and you’re building new reasons for clients to come onboard.

Finally, if all the creative is delivered to customers, how do the internal staff ‘feel it’?

Cue an office makeover. New wall colours, plants, improved toilets, inspiring decals, meeting rooms.

A big investment, but a huge boost in brand belief, and somewhere extra special for clients to finish.

The result, a refreshed brand, with a strong set of messages, delivered consistently to an audience in a measurable way.

Take a look at Northgate Lighting today and make your own mind up.

Northgate Lighting
Product Catalogue Design, Leaflets, Exhibition Graphics, In-house Graphics

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