Does your brand taste as good as it looks?


Does your brand taste as good as it looks?

Not every brand tastes as good as it looks. Sometimes the experience doesn’t match the promise of a good design, or in this case the icing.

It’s all too easy to confuse design with brand, and spend £000’s on expensive marketing comms, whilst forgetting the brand experience, what customers actually want, and the team that deliver it.

At Biskit we spend a lot of time asking questions…

  • “Who are your customers, and why should customers engage with your company?”
  • “What role will your team play in delivering the brand?”
  • “How are you going to ensure consistency?”
  • “What does success look like?”

Working with teams to understand and develop a brand is one of the most rewarding things that Biskit does.

It’s only once we understand the ingredients that we can create a recipe, so your brand tastes as good as it looks.

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