Annual Client Strategy Days

Annual client strategy days

Annual Client Strategy Days

Taking time out for strategy is so important for SMEs, especially those in high growth or changing markets.

A bit like exercise, the more you do.. the easier it gets.. and the more benefits you receive. Once strategic thinking is embedded in a business, it becomes a habit and the cumulative benefits really start to make an impact in every area from finance and marketing, through to hr and logistics… and even employee satisfaction.

So, it’s now day 2 of our annual Strategy session with Quality Bearings Online. Over the last 4 years, this has grown into a team led event that looks at every area of the business, and how we can continue our rapid growth as an international exporter.

At the end of today we will be leaving with a clear sense of direction, and a set of team tasks to help us get there.

The words Strategy and SME don’t often go together, but Quality Bearings Online is a great example of how you can embed strategic thinking into your business, utilising a mixture of internal and external resources.


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