Strategy, Brand and Team Workshop

Ingrid Flutes Brand, Strategy and Team Workshops

Strategy, Brand and Team Workshop

We’ve worked with Ingrid Flute Yorkshire Cottage Holidays for three years now, and it’s always great to meet the team again.

We worked with Ingrid Flute and their team several years ago, where we looked at how they were positioned in the market, how they delivered value to their clients, and how they adjust their brand to match.

For the last few years, we’ve been working with them to create that image, including the creation of brand materials for a new service, and we’re delighted to hear about their continued growth and sucess.

Markets, customers, competitors and of course teams grow and change, so staying on top of your brand strategy is key.

We’ve just worked with them to develop a refresher Strategy, Brand and Team workshop session in December 2019.

The workshop was designed to get everyone on the same page, give the team a real sense of success, and access the ideas that are always in the minds of your team… should you choose to ask and have the right culture.

We were delighted with the results, and December gave us the chance to add in a festive twist.

We now have ideas from four teams that we’re going to amalgamate into one clear set of objectives.

Workshops like this can be highly cost-effective, generating team ideas, galvanising people and helping to focus people. Plus it’s more enjoyable for your team.

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